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The story of Alouette
Alouette Association was founded in 1991, in the Philippines, by Bernard Pierquin. Mr. Pierquin, a social work executive, was formerly the director of a rehabilitation centre for marginalized juveniles. This work experience and his personal beliefs led him to share his life with the people of the Malibay shantytowns (Pasay City, Manila) for two years. The two years he spent there enabled him to really understand the needs of these people, and to realize that the most urgent requirement involved educating the children.

The French Association
Alouette Association is a non-profit association, governed by the French Act of 1901. See Statutes (in french) arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)
It is independent of any philosophical, religious or political opinions.

Its main objectives are :

  • To set up development actions in countries with communities in difficulty;
  • To assist individuals or groups in difficult situations with their specific requirements;
  • To defend and promote all actions aimed towards achieving these goals.

The work of the Foundation depends on its volunteers.

The current President is Colette Demeure.

The General Secretariat is provided by Marie-Noëlle Dupuis, who manages the sponsorships and thus represents the obligatory link with the members and the sponsors. The Assistant Secretary, Aïcha Canova, takes charge of the management of the trainees and the volunteers.

The accounting of the association is handled by the Treasurer Bernard Descoubes and the assistant Treasurer Joëlle Depuiset.

The responsibilities of regional groups depend on : Anouk Blanchard for Portet-sur-Garonne, Bernard Muller and Marie-Noëlle Dupuis for Périgueux, Joëlle Depuiset for Grand-Est.

The Board is composed of 9 members, among whom are the 5 members of the Office. See Organization chart arrow-R-b.gif (119 bytes)

Specific assignments have been assigned :

- Contact with AFPI : Colette Demeure
- Monitoring of projects : Colette Demeure
- Sponsorship management : Marie-Noëlle Dupuis
- Management of trainees / volunteers: Aïcha Canova
- Translations : Marie-Noëlle Dupuis
- Writing of the "Chant de l'Alouette" : Colette Demeure
- Administration of the Alouette Association Facebook page : Colette Demeure
- Administration of the Association Alouette website : Bernard Descoubes

Furthermore, hard-working and motivated members are involved in various actions to raise funds and find new sponsors.

Alouette Association works in partnership with various organizations, associations and enterprises :

The French embassy in the Philippines, Association Harmonie et Santé (Charentes-Maritimes), Association Le Bidoule (Meuse), Association Hawak Kamay (Région Parisienne), Entreprise Manaty (Dijon).

Today Alouette Foundation is active in the Philippines, where Abraham Mang-Usan directly supervises implemented projects. In order to achieve these, a local relay foundation was set up in 1993: the Alouette Foundation of The Philippines Inc.(AFPI) It is also a non-profit making foundation.
Alouette Foundation and Alouette Association have a joint accord on the good use of funds collected for achieving its objectives in the Philippines.
See Agreement
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Alouette Foundation of the Philippines Inc.
Based in Malibay, Pasay City, Alouette Foundation is led by Lorenzana Arieta and Irene Anacay. The Philippine team, supervised by a Board, is distributed on several sites and consists of 9 persons: 1 executive director, 1 administrative officer, 1 bookkeeper, 1 housekeeper, 4 social workers and 1 houseparent.
See Organization chart
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  • Today over 1000 children are in school at the beginning of each academic year thanks to our sponsors and through the Education Assistance Program (EAP),
  • Micro-loans to families enabling them to start up small businesses,
  • Medical assistance,
  • A Care center for abused girls (Palawan),
  • Actions in the provinces: Dolores (Quezon Province) - Pozzoburio (Pangasinan) – (Baguio City), Bengued - Bontoc (Mountain Province) - San Antonio (Abra) - Iwahig, Penal colony & Luzviminda (Palawan) - Banged (Aboa), Cordova (Cebu), Talisay (Batangas).

    Alouette Foundation of the Philippines Inc. works in partnership with various international organizations and associations :
    Order of Malta (Philippines), Assisi Foundation (Philippines), Chance for Growth (Germany).

    Other partners of AFPI include :
    Embassy of Philippines in France, Petites Sœurs de l'Assomption, Fondation de France, Fondation Alliance, le Conseil Régional d'Ile de France, le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, Assuronline Holding, Aumonerie Philippine en France, Association Scouts et Guides de France (Loire).

    Young volunteers worked on this trumblr.
    Click on the link to see photos : alouetteworld.tumblr.com

Partner websites
Alouette Foundation is referenced on the following websites:

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About Bernard Pierquin
"SpyBiz" 16 oct. 2009
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The actual situation
in the Philippines
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